Accord started with limited commercial activities in 2006 while submitting applications and awaiting its first Marketing Authorisations from the South Africa regulatory authority. Commencing in early 2010, Accord rapidly progressed with its fully fledged commercial marketing activities across South Africa, offering high quality generics in a wide variety of therapeutic areas.

Since beginning our commercial activities we have shipped several hundreds of thousands of packs of pharmaceuticals within South Africa to the benefit of many patients both in the private and state healthcare sectors. 

To date Accord South Africa has successfully leveraged off the immense technological capabilities within our multinational group, both in R&D and high quality modern manufacturing, to bring affordable and bioequivalent generics with impeccable international credentials to the South African patient and healthcare practitioner. In the future, the Accord South Africa team is committed to maintaining the highest international standards of quality in the design, manufacture and supply of generic medication to all South Africans and is deeply invested in contributing to the improvement of medical care for all South Africans.